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“Using food as a weapon violates international law, and the United States, Europe, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, which all have influence with different proxy groups in Syria, have a responsibility to ensure that civilians have unconditional access to basic supplies.”  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/12/opinion/agony-and-starvation-in-the-syrian-war.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share&_r=0

In Tuesday’s New York Times article on the Syrian war it highlighted the relief efforts finally able to enter Madaya, near Damascus, on Monday after its residents had been trapped–and starved–for the last three months within the city’s limits by ISIS.  Surely this is an accomplishment, but these provisions will only last so long, perhaps a month.  And, while we must continue to pursue efforts to bring more relief, we must also not get sidetracked trying to band-aid a symptom of the actual issue at hand: a civil war that must cease, now.

Here in the U.S. we have the blessing of being distanced from such an atrocious reality, and the even greater blessing of having the power to take a stand against such an injustice.  So, let us wield this power and embrace the responsibility that comes with it.  Let us stay informed, let us get involved with local and international groups responding to Syrian needs, let us speak up, and let us not cease in hope, prayer and positive thoughts, for they are powers over and against all violence and injustice.


Here are some ways to get involved:

-Find a local organization to partner with to help refugees



-Organizations to support (Note: refer to numbers in above article for accurate count of Syrian’s who are displaced, deceased, and are refugees):




The Outreach Foundation

There is likely more up to date information to be found, but here are some basics: