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Oh Gaza… My tears stream and heart cries for you and your people. It cries for Israel, too. All lives lost, all hate rampant, all love covered in ash and blood and tears. But love will win, it will prevail. And love will be seen at least here, in these words, in these stories told with the hope that all our hearts might unite in one song of mercy, compassion and love. In honor of the Gazan’s suffering these long days I offer a poem by one of your many great poets, Susan Abulhawa:

The Siege

Every night, hearts break and bleed themselves to sleep
And in the morning,
They are whole and full again

Moves through the day gripping her poems
Holding her breath
With limbs that slowly become heavy as the earth spins
The hours pass
The sky dims
And Gaza is still under siege.

She climbs into the trauma of enclosure
Tucks herself in
As darkness quietly curls her limbs
And she closes her eyes
So she can open them on the other side
Where her poetry assembles into dreams

Gazes westward
His eyes skimming the surface of the Mediterranean
An expanse hemmed in by
Mercenary ships and
An invisible three-mile radius

He turns eastward, then north
Where forever and futures bounce
Off metal and fences and meanness

Hope hunches in the southern corner
Battered, breathing in the dank and dark
Underworld of tunnels

He looks upward
And plays his oud to
Hang the stars back in place
After the sky has fallen

Laila and Yousef
Imagine an ephemeral
Salve of touch
As love’s sorrowful hands
Burrow in the sand
To seek redemption
And a story unwritten begs
To breathe

They find their way to the shore
Eyes upon the same empty moon
And the sky devoid of promise
The winds caress her cheeks
And, miles away, wrap around him
Until their fingers find each other
Inch closer
And they hold hands

Across sky and wind and moon and miles

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