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I regret that my entires have been slow to arrive.  I couldn’t access the internet while in Jordan so I’m finally posting now that we’re settled in Jerusalem.  Enjoy!

September 8, 2013

It’s about 1 a.m. and I write by the glowing blue lights of our bus.  We bounce softly as we race through the black of night.  Houses are sparse and sand is abundant. We’re in the desert.

Again, I’m in a daze.  We pass a blue sign with indecipherable Arabic calligraphy and suddenly I snap out of my fog, “I’m here,” I hear myself say inside.

Jordan.  Now what Bible events took place here?  My mind draws a blank.  Oh yeah, Edom, red stone, Esau, Abraham and Sarah.  The ancients.  Oh, and Jesus’ baptism…  God chose here, I find myself thinking. It sinks in slightly — God chose to come here.

There’s something about it here–the Middle East–it touches me somewhere deep.  It pulls like a magnet upon my whole being.  I still don’t know what it is, or if it’s even an “it”.  In ways I’m scared to explore it.  It’s been a wondrous mystery for so long.  What if it turns out to be some passing feeling that proves to be not so deep or not so big a deal? What I do know is: it’s good to be here.

I look out my window just in time to read the words spread across the top of a giant sandstone building, “Modern American School”.  Ha, that’s surreal.  And there goes KFC…next a mini market belonging to someone named “Abu”.  A Hardees and Burger King come into view moments later.  I frown a little.  But, it means Amman is approaching.