Disclaimer: I realize these blog posts aren’t all in order.  I find each post to be a story in itself and not dependent on others in order to make sense or have an impact.  I hope you find the same to be true and enjoy each as it comes! I have included the date at the top of each post so those of you who prefer to read things chronologically have the chance to do so.

June 12, 2013 – Vienna

Gurgling sounds of diesel trucks and the commotion of trash cans suggest to me it’s trash pick up this morning.  We will see tomorrow if this a daily event.

I gaze up at the ceiling.  It’s dappled with little round spotlights, brass rimmed with faint blue-green tinted flat bulbs.  They look like shiny stars on a brilliant white sky.  Hmm, I consider with a broad nostalgic smile, I’m reminded of the ceilings of grand Renaissance-era churches–the ones painted midnight blue and adorned with hundreds of golden stars.

I realize I continue to use the word “lovely” as I observe Vienna.  Yes, this seems to be a city of lovely.  It’s pretty and elegant without being over the top.  Just very tasteful.  Ah, there goes the 6:30 bell.  Well, I’m up, there’s so much I’m absolutely giddy to see outside, and a beautiful breakfast spread is surely waiting for me downstairs.  Might as well get going!