June 27, 2013

I woke early around 6:30 and like a child on Christmas morning I excitedly and stealthily crept out of bed to see, not what lay under a tree, but, what was to be found beyond the slim door leading out to the balcony.  And, wow. What appeared to be an enormous pool of liquid silver stretched for miles in all directions before me.  The sky, with the exception of a few light brush strokes of steel grey, mirrored the lake below. Shapes and shadows of dark slopes and peaks skirted the lake’s edges, the closest almost black and fading progressively into lighter and lighter hues of blue the father they dissolved into the distance.


And when the sun melted away the clouds its golden rays transformed the entire scene into a land of warm aqua.  Black became green and what once appeared a solid mountain silhouette reveled itself to be a range saturated with trees.  This, is the Wörthersee.