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It’s been said by many wise people our lives actually flow in a circular motion rather than the often perceived linear movement.  Sure, we age in a ­­linear progression, but emotionally and growth-wise our progression is actually more like a spiral.  Just think of the stories that make up our lives and the lessons we are exposed to (whether we learn them or not), they seem to often reappear.  In the same way, the people who come into lives continue to affect us even if we thought they left.  Any random indecent could trigger their memory—a song, a smell, a place, a food can stir up emotions we thought were long gone.  It appears to me, we travel through life on this sort of corkscrew and as we travel if we pay attention and are intentional about discovering who we are we descend deeper and deeper into the meaning of our relationships, actions, and the depths of our person.  I mean, the very space we all occupy is constantly turning.  Doesn’t it make some sense that, we, beings of this Earth, held within this spinning space function in the same way?

Our whole lives’ long we are discovering ourselves, yet many of us live by a false understanding and expectation of already knowing ourselves.  The truth is we aren’t all-knowing beings, but ever learning beings.  And, this is a good thing.  It may come as a shock to some at first, but I hope it settles in as a relief.  This means we are invited—meant to explore, to be curious, inquisitive and to discover.  We are meant to learn from our experiences not berate ourselves for making mistakes—if they even are mistakes…  Also, when memories of people and experiences we thought we were over resurface and bring with them a swarm of emotions we thought were safely left in the past it doesn’t mean anything is wrong or that we failed to move on; it’s okay and normal.  What most of us will see when they resurface, if we’ve engaged them and not just suppressed them, is that we’ve made some improvement—we’ve grown.  And, growth isn’t measured by our ability to avoid encountering the same issues.  Growth is recognized by the difference in the way we respond to those same issues based on what we’ve learned about them and ourselves.

So, be observant and be gentle.  It’s okay if you’re afraid to face some things, we all have those fears.  But, if we do, we will discover we are rewarded with health, growth and life.