Salzburg_2013-6Salzburg, Austria

After a long day of sightseeing, determined to make the most of my Salzburg card (25 euros for 24 hours of entry into all the major attractions), I was pooped.  To reward and rest myself I finally took my long-anticipated visit to the infamous Cafe Tomaselli.  Europe’s celebrities have been making their appearances here since Mozart, so, naturally, I had to make my appearance as well.

To my delight, the ideal table was available even at this peak 3 o’clock hour.  A green and white striped umbrella-shaded table on the balcony seemed to be waiting patiently just for me.  As I walked into the café I eyed the cake case and found my afternoon treat of choice: a slice of gorgeous, gooey apfelcake (apple cake).  I decided to splurge and have it “mit einer kugel vanilleeis” ( with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream)… and a cappuccino.  I figured I’d just spend my dinner money here and get a cheap snack from the grocery store if I got hungry later.

While I awaited my treats I relaxed in the soft breeze, especially welcome on this 90-degree slightly humid day.  I gazed out across the city, from this vantage point all of Salzburg appeared absolutely splendid.  I particularly admired the greened bronze-topped cupolas of St. Peter’s Cathedral looking especially magnificent against the silky, clear blue sky.  The view gazing down was terrific, too, offering superb people watching.  As people poised there cameras up in my direction I fancied being a model in their photographs just as others sitting up here earlier in the day had been mine.

Salzburg_2013-3My cappuccino arrived first…on a silver platter!  It was a lovely rectangular dish  with an elaborate crest and “Cafe Tomaselli Salzburg 1705/2005” delicately engraved upon its polished surface.  The platter was just large enough to bear my simple white cup and saucer and petite crystal glass of water.  What elegance– what fun!  Next arrived my decadent golden cake and dainty dish of ice cream.  The cake must have been seven layers thick of slice upon slice of fresh, al dente, cinnamon-soaked apples. As I plunged my fork into its dense layers I discovered that just below the sweet, caramely top layer were peach slices! This was quite a delightful surprise since I had been waffling between this cake and the peach strudel.  So there you have it, the best of all worlds. How excellent.

Salzburg_2013-8The cake was so yummy, though a bit too sweet on its own.  I then determined it was very good I had splurged for the ice cream and coffee because the combination of the creamy cool sweetness of the vanilla bean eis and the accent of the bitter coffee with my fruit-filled confection made for a most satisfying dessert.  The wonder of balance.