Greetings everyone!  Don’t worry, I have not been swept away in the lovliness that is Austria and Germany and forgotten all about you, though, I admit, that wouldn’t have been too difficult.  No, I have been writing away for you all and I’m now finally able to post a few stories!

My setting is quite a delightful place in which to do so.  I am tucked away in a little  cobblestone courtyard in Salzburg on the newer side of town.  This means, a handful of tourists, but mostly locals, or, at least German speakers.  I am enjoying a simple breakfast: soft-boiled egg and a roll of brown bread sprinkled with various seeds.  Though I have had one of these eggs almost every morning, I still have not figured out how to peel it so the yoke doesn’t come spilling out when I send my spoon in.  This morning I made quite a hot, sticky, yellow mess all over my fingers… just as the waitress was walking by, of course.  She gave me a quizzical look, I just smiled.

Here’s a little introduction to the posts to follow. I have been in Europe six days now.  After very pleasant excursions around Vienna and the blessing of extraordinarily warm, spectacular weather (which began there and has since traveled with me everywhere I’ve gone!), I had the pleasure of traveling around Bavaria with one of my dear friends, Becca Keiser!  Last night I arrived in Salzburg and after a little blogging I will be off and running here!

So, as the German title suggests, “Was Los Ist”, I will share with you “what’s going on”!