Polka Dot Chocolate Easter Egg

Polka Dot Chocolate Easter Egg

L.A. Burdick chocolate is a must know in the world of food.  Their creativity matches their culinary excellence.  Among their bonbons you’ll find little penguins, mice and bees with delicate almond-slivered wings.  At Easter they fill large polka dotted chocolate eggs with cocoa powdered honey caramel-filled truffles, which, when you bite into one your mouth becomes suddenly consumed with warm sweetness perfectly accenting a bold, cool dark coat of chocolate holding the golden liquid.  And after the confection slides down your throat, just a trace of cocoa powder lingers on your lips…  Ah, a bittersweet farewell dusting…  Then during presidential elections they have bonbon boxes themed to the tastes of your favorite candidate.  I could go on because they offer scads of other equally imaginative and pleasurable treats.  But, I’ll let you discover those for yourself!  So, if you’re in the market for superb chocolate or just need some decadent eye candy, there’s no better choice than to be Burdick bound.

After having so many sensational experiences I not only thought it time to let you all know L.A. Burdick, but to let them know, as well.  It is always important to share compliments and encouragement when someone or something is notable.  No matter how good something is and how sure we are that person knows it, the truth is, often they don’t or at least could use the affirmation to continuing doing what they do so well.  So, here was my effort to my beloved Burdick.  Enjoy!

I recently received a box of your divine chocolates.  It was not my first time receiving the decadent cocoa morsels.  In fact, I receive Burdick chocolate from my Uncle George at least once a year on whatever occasion he deems a suitable excuse—and I am, by all means, a grateful recipient of such excuses.  He has been doing this for over six years now, sending me boxes of bonbons or birthday cakes, and I realized it was high time to write you all and say thank you and share with you about the delight these sensational confections bring to my life.

The last box I received was a total surprise.  Upon finding a bright orange package slip in my school mailbox I excitedly made my way downstairs to the mailroom.  I did not know what was waiting for me, but the clerk did.  As I walked in he caught my eye and pointed to the package with the familiar elegant calligraphy sitting on the central table.  We both looked at each other and beamed.  The day before I had received another package and as I had opened it he had asked, “You get any sweeties?”  “No,” I had reluctantly replied, but, I was not expecting any either.  However, this day we both knew we were in for a treat, for, he, along many others at my seminary have learned if I am the recipient of Burdicks they will be too.  After I eagerly cut through the tape and retrieved the carefully wrapped box I offered it to him and was surprised to learn that after these three years of receiving your bonbons it was the first time he had tried a mouse!  With joy and amusement I watched him gingerly dangle the little white “sweety” from its lavender satin tail before dropping into his willing mouth.  Pleasure spread across his face and soon also across mine.

The facial expressions are the best.  They portray the sense of being transcended to this place of surreal satisfaction.  After leaving the mailroom I ventured to the surrounding offices, as I usually do when I receive one of your boxes, dropping in on staff workers and stopping passing students to inquire, “Would you like a chocolate?  They’re the best chocolates on earth.”  I then show them the box and they are immediately taken with the careful presentation and amazed by the booklet of options.  Once I convince them that, yes, I am happy to share my chocolates and even find more joy in sharing them than keeping them all for myself they begin to examine the booklet.  They “ooh” and “ah” over the beauty of the chocolates and the enticing descriptions and at last make their selection.  With such wonderful reactions as these how could I keep from sharing?  I’m getting to partake in igniting so much happiness!

So, thank you.  Thank you for taking care to create confections of epicureal excellence.  Your efforts not only bring joy to individuals, but provide opportunities for shared joy—something, like your chocolates, we can never have too many of!