The event which just took place


It sounds too crude a word to use for the experience I just lived


I made one of the simplest meals I’ve probably ever crafted:

Olive oil, minced onions, a dash of granulated onion, chicken sausage, a touch of chicken broth, spinach, grated pecorino, a couple squeezes of lime and few pinches of fresh thyme—less than 10 ingredients!


And yet, this meal was extraordinary.


As I lifted my fork to my mouth

My tongue encountered plump, green, softened spinach glossed in rich olive oil and decorated in caramelized onion confetti

The texture smooth on my tongue with a slight crunch beneath my teeth

And with every roll and turn between these gastronomic assistants came a new blend of sumptuous flavors

As the combinations of savory goodness cascaded across my palate and spread throughout my sacred space of nourishment and delight

My whole being was consumed by this physically small, yet sensationally overpowering activity


I realize, God did not have to make food taste good

God certainly did not have to make eating so pleasurable an event

But, oh how grateful I am God did!