How is it that I can sit here like this?

Pondering how this world is a mess

With people consumed by distress

Wondering why they must die like the rest?

The rest around them diseased and hungry

Only desiring to fill their tummies


The craziest part of all of this

Is that there is enough and no need for such madness!

There’s plenty of food to go around

And plenty of water in the ground!


But we are selfish, yes we are

No equal distribution, both near and far

Hoarding to the point of excess

Looking only to our own interests

Not sharing from out of the abundance we procure

Giving little care to what our poor brothers and sisters must endure


But then there are a few

Those with a different point of view

Those who want to help, make a change

Give to someone that they might know the same

This same life of provision, having one’s needs met

Rather than wondering, maybe hoping, if they will die yet

Of starvation and fatigue

Or malnutrition and disease

Thirsting for water, begging for bread

Why is it so hard to get people fed?!


Some people try, yes they do

Organizations, individuals, someone—possibly even you

But the system’s so corrupt

Often our efforts run amok

Those unworthy take what’s not theirs

Interfering in the process, stealing from the helpless with no cares

Never reaching the mouths of the needy

Tell me, how did we get so greedy?


As I try and think all this through

Wrap my mind around…begin to fathom…

I feel my eyes wince

A grimace creeps across my face

And with tears breaking from my eyes

I start to writhe inside

The tears streaming now in anguish and in pain

Just one conclusion I can come to, this is utterly inhumane.