Dear Daddy,

After a challenging and thought-provoking worship experience at a Messianic Christian church this morning I finally gained the impetus to get on to more reading about Israel and Palestine.  Not realizing I was setting myself up for three hours of right-wing, pro-Israel support and politics, I was overwhelmed to say the least.  It was really eye-opening and good for me.  It gave me an opportunity to see and hear the other side.  It caused me to realize how biased I really am to the Palestinians and that I don’t want to be.  I do want to be just though.  But, I want to pursue justice for everyone involved.  It is helping me pursue more knowledge of the overall conflict and each side’s perspective.  I really want to develop my own opinion (like I hear you express) and I just know it is going to take a lot of work, but will be worth it.

So, as you can imagine we talked about the recent fighting and I heard the rabbi give a very political address, dropping affirmations of support for Fox news, that the warring not peace is God’s plan and a sign of the end times, and in the end he prayed for Israel, only.  As you can imagine I was quite upset.  I really want to be informed so I don’t totally disregard these people and their voice, they are our Christian brothers and sisters too.  Heck, even if they are my enemies (which is what they feel more like in some respects at the moment) Jesus calls us to love them, too!

Daddy, I did feel God’s presence at work there.  I did see authentic, heart-felt worship.  Whenever I find myself in such situations it always prompts the question, if this is so different from what I believe, who is right?  And, all I can say is, maybe no one, we just are.  And, it seems at that moment of resolve God appears all the more mysterious and wondrous.  To call such diverse people…  To invite and/or allow such diverse worship and opinions…  To have CREATED people with such differences…  And, the greatest miracle being God is able and desires to reconcile us all to God…  And, perhaps the greater miracle being God desires and is able to reconcile us to each other!  What extraordinary love…  What a God we have.  And we are invited to live into such love.  And by God’s power we are enabled extend such love ourselves.

So, that’s what I’m pursuing.

It was a terrible and great experience.  Talk about tension.  But, it is that tension and straddling of lines and being an agent of reconciliation and connectivity I feel more and more called to be.  So, I’m endeavoring to educate myself that I might help present the facts (as best can be determined) and help others make their own discoveries.

I love you,