On Mornings Like This


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Advent SunriseOn mornings like this one my body is not stirred from slumber by an incessant buzzing by my bed. On mornings like this one it is instead sweetly wooed awake, even before the buzz, by the blushed pink that kisses the dark and flushes my windows, and beckons me from beneath my warm covers to something yet even more enticing: the rosey scape of sunrise sparked by love. On mornings like this one, especially, I find myself in awe of how all creation speaks to the truth that hope and joy ignite when light breaks out of darkness.

And so I celebrate all the more on this day. On this first day of Advent. On this day of the Christian new year. This day of light coming–preparing to be birthed–into our beloved world in a whole, new wondrous way.



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Arrival 2

Oh, to be met by God! Such longings fulfilled.  It’s that in between waiting time that is so agonizing. And we don’t know what to do. You just seek and seek. You pray and cry and write and pray and find friends to give comfort, you cook you, agonize and you pray more or you sit in silence and get angry with God.

And then, love arrives. Then you see the face of God. Your room is lit up with the pink sunrise and beckons you with great excitement and energy to come out and see it. Your heart is awakened and joy fills the soul. The wind blows and the leaves fall and they twirl down to your face. And then a flock of birds sail across the sky. And then the warm morning breeze tickles your skin with its cool undertone. And you feel whole again and happy again and loved and not forgotten.

Six Pieces, Three Exhibits, One City! Come and See!


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“Woman At Her Balcony”

Hi Everyone!

I am elated to announce in the last month six of my pieces have been selected to be shown in three galleries around Atlanta between September and November!

The pieces reflect the bounty and breadth of beauty in our world, from its landscapes, to lives, to shared experiences such as enjoying a late night hot dog or clamoring into a tiny space to catch a glimpse of Jesus’ birthplace.

Please come check them out, even take one (or more) home to enjoy at your leisure!

I am so grateful for your support and encouragement to help me get to this point.  I look forward to keeping you posted on what unfolds!

Director’s Cut Exhibition

August 26-October 3, 2015; Opening September 25, 7:30-9:30

“Awaiting the Messiah” Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine, 2011

Tula Art Center

75 Bennett St, NW, Gallery B-1 (basement level), Atlanta, 30309

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12pm – 4pm (or by appointment)


Atlanta Airport Show

September 24-November 18

“Lisbon’s Legoland” Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

“Viennese Ventures” Vienna, Austria, 2013

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Domestic Terminal Atrium Gallery



Women In Focus Exhibition

October 2-November 7, 2015; Opening: October 2

“Green Eyes” Syrian Refugee Camp, Northern Lebanon, 2014

“Woman At Her Balcony” Beirut, Lebanon, 2014

“Personality” Beirut, Lebanon, 2014

Mason Fine Art Gallery

415 Plasters Ave NE, Atlanta, 30324

Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Saturday, Noon to 5:00 PM


Prayers For Our World


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The Temple Mount, Jerusalem

The Temple Mount, Jerusalem

“Enliven your people with compassion
that peace and justice
might flourish.”

Thinking of the our beloved world and all who live in it today. Thinking of the turmoil, the violence, the need for peace and for healing. Thinking of one who has “borne the fruit of love” as a leader and reconciler in the Middle East, Jimmy Carter…

With these thoughts I offer this prayer for us all. Thank you Nan Merrill for your magnificent rendition of Psalm 80.

Eternal Listener, give heed to your people,
You, who are our Guide and our Light!
You, who dwell amidst the angels,
shine forth into the heart of all nations!
Enliven your people with compassion
that peace and justice
might flourish.

…May those who have borne the fruit
of love
radiate your Spirit in the world!
May we always walk and co-create
with You…

Restore us, O Holy One!
Let your face shine upon us,
teach us to love!

International Guild of Visual Peacemakers


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International Guild of Visual Peacemakers is one of the most inspirational organizations I have come across. They are “visual communicators devoted to peacemaking and breaking down stereotypes by displaying the beauty and dignity of various cultures around the world.”  Their vision does not just speak to “professional” photographers, but all of us who have become photographers, mostly on our phones.

We live in a more visual culture than ever before and so we need to now consider how our actions affect others and ourselves.  Let us join in such a beautiful vision and I encourage you to take these messages to heart:

“We receive pictures we don’t take them.”  “Practice viewing images responsibly.”  “Be a visual peacemaker”.

Check them out here and join the movement:

MLK Center July 20, 2012-15

Lebanon Show_November 20, 2014-3

Lebanon Show_November 18, 2014-6

Exciting News!!


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“Lisbon’s Lego Land” Lisbon, Portugal

Hi Everyone!

Very exciting news: two of my photos were selected for the Atlanta Photography Group airport show and will be in the Main Atrium September 25-November 18.

So, if you’re traveling through Atlanta during that time you can see them!  Otherwise, if you live in Atlanta, perhaps you’ll be so inclined just to take Marta to the end of the yellow or red line :)

I am thrilled!  This is such a huge threshold for me to have crossed and I am still in awe and full of gratitude.  Thank you all for your support in helping me get this far!

For more info and to find out about other photography exhibits in Atlanta check out APG’s website:  https://apgphoto.squarespace.com/events/2015/8/24/exhibition-airport-apg-to-atl

“Late Night Würstel” Vienna, Austria

Seeing With Eyes of The Heart


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Seeing With Eyes of The HeartI have started something new. It has had such a profound, positive impact on my life I now must share it with you:

I have started perceiving people we customarily refer to as “strangers”, instead as “family members I just haven’t met yet”.

That is what I already believe anyway, I’m just intentionally putting it into practice now. It has changed my world!! Truly. I’m convinced it is what changes our world. It transforms our perspective from one that functions out of reactivity due to fear and thus closing off, to one that functions out of responsiveness stirred by love and curiosity, and thus we open up. It’s a more vulnerable way to live, but let me tell you, that vulnerability is what enables us to have the deepest, richest, most treasured experiences life has to offer. Putting this perspective into practice the last two months I have had encounters with people I would say have been some of the most fulfilling and transformative of my life.

Living with this mindset has taught me how excellent and special our stories are–and that each is worth sharing and certainly worth being heard. We really are marvelous beings! Not based on what we do, though that can contribute to who we are in beautiful ways, but we are absolutely magnificent just because we exist–just because we are.

So, I encourage you to go out and try this perspective on for size. Put it into practice and see what happens. Believe me, it takes practice. It is a conscious effort. Such a way of being and perceiving doesn’t come naturally, our instincts lean toward survival which usually results in defensiveness for protection’s sake. Though, practicing love and facing fears changes that. We discover a life far more satisfying than survival has to offer, one that is truly worthy of being called life.

Golda Kombucha!


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Preyers Newborn Session_April 18, 2015_KatieA-WThis weekend I had the delightful experience of tasting the dazzling deliciousness of Golda Kombucha at Kirkwood Station’s Earth Day Soiree.  It is the first and only kombucha produced right here in Atlanta! Thanks to Melanie Wade, owner and producer of this luscious elixir, and her beloved grandmother, who inspired her with the recipe and for whom the product is named, Atlantan’s now have a local source for this tasty drink of health and happiness!  Cheers to fizzy yumminess for our tummies and loads of dietary benefits for the rest of our bod!

Preyers Newborn Session_April 18, 2015_KatieA-W-6

Visit Golda Kombucha here to read the full story, find out how you can get a taste of it yourself, and learn more about the wondrous drink that is kombucha!  Preyers Newborn Session_April 18, 2015_KatieA-W-4

“Faces of Lebanon” at North Avenue Presbyterian Church


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Preyers Newborn Session_April 20, 2015_KatieA-W-4“Faces of Lebanon” is now up in its newest location and ready for viewing! I have even included a few new photos, so if you saw it before its worth seeing again!The exhibit will be up all week, April 20-26, at North Avenue Presbyterian Church in downtown Atlanta as a part of their two-week missions conference.

The conference concludes with an interactive time of poetry, reflection and prayer with one of the Syrian pastors I met last November while in Lebanon. It is bound to be a rich and powerful time. I hope to see you there! More info here: http://www.napc.org/mission

Preyers Newborn Session_April 20, 2015_KatieA-W Preyers Newborn Session_April 20, 2015_KatieA-W-2

Preyers Newborn Session_April 20, 2015_KatieA-W-3

Taylor Family Photo Shoot


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Taylor Shoot_March 21, 2015-50


As some of you know, I am starting a photography business, Life Illuminated!  Through my art I seek to offer visual stories reflecting the natural beauty of our lives as they unfold, weave together, and spring to new life.

Two weekends ago I had the joyous blessing of getting to photograph beloved friends of mine, the Taylor Family.  A family that has welcomed me in as one of their own.  We have found connections within Columbia Theological Seminary–where I graduated from and where Doug, the father, works–as well as worshiping at the same church, and, probably most importantly: we’re all West Coasters.

Our photo shoot was in celebration of their life together as a family and the sending off of their oldest daughter, Maggie, to college in the fall.  Maggie and I enjoyed half the shoot on our own, among the beautiful brick buildings around Grant Park and Oakland Cemetery (sounds morbid, but it’s gorgeous!  The bounteous flowers and exquisite mausoleums reflect new life always abounds…!).  Then, for the second hour we connected with her family and I followed them around getting to document their vivacious, silly, deeply loving interactions.  Here’s a glimpse into their story:



Maggie and Fiona

Maggie and Fiona



Jean and Doug

Jean and Doug

The Fam

The Fam




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